Exposed: The Silent Home Destroyer

Lurking in Your Walls…


Quick Moisture Protection

 Delivered in Record Time

When the Rain Became an Indoor Waterfall…

Imagine a stormy night, rain pelting against the windows, a comforting reminder of the warmth and dryness of your home.

Until it isn’t.

You wake to a drip…drip…drip that’s not part of your dream.

It’s real, and it’s coming from the ceiling.

Panic sets in as you realize that the sanctuary of your home is breached, not by a broken window or an open door, but by an enemy that sneaked in through the tiniest of cracks… water.

Water’s Silent Siege on Your Home

  • Dampness Creeping In...

    Water doesn’t barge in; it creeps, invades your space, and before you know it, your walls are its new home.

  • Tiles Betraying Trust...

    Those tiles you picked out? Beautiful, but without proper defense, they’re just a facade for the moisture seeping in.

  • The Hidden Costs...

    It’s not just repairs; it’s the hikes in your bills, the damage to your health, and the never-ending battle with mold.

  • Time Wasted...

    Waiting days for standard waterproofing to dry is like watching paint dry…if the paint was your enemy.

Ray Tiling’s Certified Waterproofing

Enter Ray Tiling, the guardians at your gates.

With years under our belts and a tool belt full of certifications, we’re the knights in shining armor for your home.

See, we’re not just experts; we’re also deeply passionate about creating and maintaining beautiful living spaces.

We know the heartache of water damage, and we’ve dedicated our lives to ensuring you never feel it.

  • Instant Dry Advantage

  • Certified Expert Application

  • Zero Council Fees

  • 3-Hour Waterproofing

  • Same-Day Tiling

  • 100% Mold Resistance

  • Long-Term Durability

  • 24/7 Expert Support

The Triple-Threat Waterproofing Brigade

Here’s the deal…

We’ve got not one, not two, but THREE champion brands at our disposal…




With their powers combined, they create an impenetrable barrier against moisture, applied with precision over two days. And for those who can’t wait? 

We bring out the big guns –  Wedi. A premium prodigy sets up its fortress in just a few hours, so your tiles can be laid on the same day.

Why Settle for Less When You Can
Have the Best?

  • Skip the Line

    Forget about the hassle of council inspections and fees. Our PS3 documentation is your fast pass to peace of mind.

  • Save Time, Save Money

    Our certified expertise isn’t just a badge; it’s a promise. A promise that we save you both what you treasure most.

  • Wedi Wonder

    Quick-Action Waterproofing Expert. While others wait for days, we secure your sanctuary in hours.

  • Trust Earned

    We’re not just talk. Our work speaks for itself, and so do the countless homes we’ve turned into fortresses.

Damp Disaster: The Unseen Threat Inside Your Walls

Waterproofing. It’s not just a buzzword, it’s the guardian of your home’s integrity.

According to the New Zealand Building Code, it’s a must-have, not a maybe.


Because water is a home’s silent enemy. It seeps, it creeps, it makes a mockery of solid structures. Without proper waterproofing, your cozy nest can turn into a damp disaster zone.

Old School vs. Ray Tiling Revolution: The Waterproofing Showdown

Just imagine this…

The old way, where waterproofing is a waiting game, a two-day affair, a test of patience.

Now, flip the script.

Enter Ray Tiling’s method.

We’re talking cutting-edge, a mere few hours from the start to ‘rock solid’.

Traditional methods are the horse and cart; Ray Tiling is the sleek, supersonic jet.

Don’t wait for the storm to test your defenses.

 Schedule a consultation. Grab that quote. It’s your move.

The Waterproof Wonder
That’s Changing the Game

Wedi. Remember the name because it’s the hero your bathroom deserves.

It’s not just fast; it’s lightning-fast.

And it’s not just a barrier; it’s a fortress against moisture.

With Ray Tiling and Wedi, your waterproofing worries are yesterday’s news.

Our Promise: Your Peace of Mind

 Concerned? Let’s ease that mind.
With Ray Tiling, you’re covered. Our guarantee is as solid as our waterproofing. You’re investing in certainty, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Join the Dry Side: Your Home Deserves Ray Tiling

The path to a dry, secure future is clear. It’s here. It’s Ray Tiling.
Take the step, make the call, and breathe easy, knowing you’ve chosen the best.
Your home is waiting.