Experience the Luxury of Warm Floors

With Underfloor Heating


Your Perfect Protection Against Damp Floors,

Delivered in Record Time.

When Cold Floors Turn Warm…

Have you ever walked on a floor that’s so cold it makes you shiver? In lots of houses, the floors are always cold, and we don’t really think about it much. But guess what?

Every Floor Can Be Warm and Cozy…

Floors are a big part of our homes – we walk, play, and sometimes even sit on them. But when they’re cold, it’s not very fun. That’s where Underfloor Heating comes in to save the day!

Imagine a home where warmth greets you at every step. That’s the promise of Underfloor Heating. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation of your living space into a haven of constant, comforting warmth.

End to Cold Mornings and Chilly Floors!

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Cold tiles? A distant memory! With Underfloor Heating, every tile radiates a gentle warmth, turning what was once a brisk morning trek across the kitchen into a delightful stroll. It’s like having a touch of summer, all year round, right under your feet.

  • It Warms Your Home Smartly

    The Underfloor Heating uses the hot water you already have to warm up your home from the floor up. It’s a safe and smart way to get that cozy, warm feeling in your house. And the best part? It keeps your home warm like this forever!

  • Energy Efficiency at Its Best

    It uses less energy than traditional heating methods, meaning you can enjoy warm floors without worrying about your utility bills.

  • Uniform Heating

    Say goodbye to cold spots. Our underfloor heating distributes heat evenly across every corner of your room.

  • Invisible

    With all components hidden beneath the floor, your home’s aesthetics remain untouched.

  • Noiseless

    And the best part? It’s super quiet. It keeps your floors warm without making any noise, so you can play, read, or chill without any annoying sounds.

  • You Don't Have to Fix It

    Once our heating system is in, you don’t have to worry about it. There’s nothing for you to fix or mess with. It just works and keeps your home warm.

  • Great for People with Allergies

    No cold air blowing around means less stuff floating in the air. This is great for anyone who doesn’t like dust or has allergies.

  • Control the Heat in Each Room

    You can set the temperature for each room, anytime you want. It’s like having your own heater in every room, but without seeing it.

  • Indoor Comfort, Outdoor Bliss

    Love spending time on your deck or patio? Our heating system extends its magic outdoors too, making your outdoor spaces just as comfy and inviting as the indoors. Imagine enjoying a warm deck on a cool evening!

  • Moisture and mold? A worry of yesterday!

    Damp floors and the mold they attract can be a real headache. Our system helps keep your floors dry and healthy, reducing moisture and the risk of mold, which is a game-changer for many homes.

With an underfloor heating system installed by Ray Tiling, every step in your home becomes a journey into warmth, luxury, and modern living.

Our Services

  • Free Consultation

    Let’s start with a no-obligation chat about your heating needs.

  • Expert Installation, Minimal Fuss

    Our team takes care of everything. We’ll install your underfloor heating quickly and expertly, with as little disruption to your day-to-day life as possible. We’re all about getting the job done right with minimal fuss.

  • Customizable Solutions

    No matter the size or shape of your room, we design a system that fits perfectly, ensuring optimal heating.

  • After-Sales Support

    We stand by our services with excellent customer service and support.

  • A Quality Promise You Can Trust

    We’re not just installing a heating system; we’re making a commitment to your home’s comfort and value. Our promise is one of quality, reliability, and a guarantee that we stand behind for years to come.

So, let’s change the story of your home’s floors. With Underfloor Heating, they’re not just something you walk on. They become like a warm hug for your feet, making every room in your house the best room.

Think about it

with Underfloor Heating, your home becomes the coziest place ever, where every step is like a warm, sunny day!

Ready to transform your home into a haven of warmth and luxury?