From Tired Floors to Dream Spaces…

The Ray Tiling Difference

If your floors have seen better days, you’re not alone. Many homeowners struggle with broken tiles, leaks, and floors that simply lack pizzazz.

But here’s the exciting part…

With Ray Tiling, you can transform those tired floors into the space of your dreams.

How? It all comes down to our commitment to you.

When you choose us, you get more than stunning tiles installed by pros. You get a partner who’s here for you long after the job is done. Someone who takes your call on a Saturday night when a pipe bursts.

A company that will squeeze you in when your schedule’s tight. Tiling experts who listen first, then deliver a design you’ll love for years.

Intrigued yet? Keep reading to discover why homeowners and businesses alike choose Ray Tiling time and time again.

From Underwhelming to Inspiring: The Magic of a Flooring Makeover

Tired of walking into your bathroom or kitchen and feeling…underwhelmed? You pass through these spaces every day, so shouldn’t they make you smile?

  • With a flooring makeover by Ray Tiling, they can. Our tailored designs and premium tiles transform not just your floors but the whole feeling of a room.

  • Warm, natural stone for a spa-like retreat. Crisp porcelain for a clean, contemporary look. Or maybe mosaic tiles that catch the light just right.

  • Your floors set the tone for each space. And with the right tile choice, layout, and expert installation, we can help create an environment that inspires you.

  • A kitchen that motivates you to cook up culinary masterpieces. A bathroom that washes stress down the drain. Let us know your style, and then watch your floors come to life.

Floors That Wow: Quality Craftsmanship You Can Trust

You want stunning floors. Floors that gleam when the sun hits them just right. Floors so smooth you can’t stop running your hand over them.

At Ray Tiling, that’s our specialty.

Our experienced tilers aren’t just experts at their craft, they’re artists. They take pride in every cut, every grout line, every finished space. And they use only premium products that will withstand daily life for decades to come.

Why does craftsmanship matter so much? Because good just doesn’t cut it for floors.

When you walk on a floor every day, small imperfections get magnified over time. Shoddy grout lines crack. Uneven surfaces become tripping hazards. Minor mistakes turn into major eyesores.

With Ray Tiling, you avoid all that. Our meticulous process and sharp eye for detail ensure your floors will WOW, not just now but for years of kids and pets and parties to come. Floors this beautiful deserve to be durable, too.

The Perfect Fit: Tiling for How You Live

The tiling looks amazing. But its benefits go far beyond beauty alone. With thoughtful design, we can customize floors to address your unique needs:

  • For homeowners with mobility concerns, non-slip tiles prevent dangerous falls in wet areas.

  • Underfloor heating warms feet on cold mornings (pure bliss!).

  • Water-resistant materials guard against flooding and leaks, preventing costly water damage.

  • Easy-clean tiles in kids’ bathrooms and kitchens make maintenance a breeze.

Your floors should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. So talk to us about how you live and what would make your home better.

No request is too big or small! With the right tile choice and layout, we’ll design floors that work beautifully for you and your family.

Partners, Not Just Tilers: Our Commitment to You

We want to be your long-term flooring partners. While your floors will look stunning once we’re done, our commitment doesn’t end when we pack up our tools.

We’re here for:

  • Expert advice on maintaining and protecting your investment

  • Swift repairs if anything isn’t up to standard (it’s rare, but we’re here if needed)

  • Answering tiling questions for as long as you own your home

Say Goodbye to Drab Floors!

If lackluster floors are bringing you down, there’s a simple solution: contact Ray Tiling today! Our warm, friendly team is here and ready to turn your home into a space you love.

You deserve floors that wow. Let us show you the magic we can create.

Give us a call at 021 022 89155 or book your design consultation online now. Together, we’ll craft a vision that transforms your bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces from tired and dull into jaw-dropping.