Transform Your Home with Today’s Top Tile Trends – Floating Tiles!

Explore the Latest Tiling Techniques Outshining the Old Ways

Experience the Difference with Ray Tiling… Where Every Tile Counts

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the ground shift beneath you, not just metaphorically but literally?

You notice the tiles first.

They’re always the first to greet you, but we rarely give them the credit they deserve.

But here’s the thing…

Every Tile Has a Tale of Woe… Until Now

Tiles. They’re the hardworking parts of every home, handling the wear and tear of everyday life.

But what happens when they start to crack under pressure? Traditional tiling methods are a hit-or-miss affair, a gamble against the elements and time.

It’s a story we all know too well…

The Ray Tiling Revolution – Flawlessness Underfoot

Remember the time you spilled your morning coffee and watched it seep into the grout lines, a permanent reminder of the rush hour at home?

Ray Tiling doesn’t. Because with our revolutionary Nurajack system, those woes are as outdated as the rotary phone.

Now, Let’s Paint the Full Picture…

Imagine stepping onto a balcony where the tiles lay flat. With Ray Tiling, we bring the art of the perfect underfoot experience to your doorstep.

Our secret? Nurajack – a system so advanced it makes the uneven, the cracked, and the troublesome a thing of your home’s history.

And here’s the kicker – no adhesives, no grout, just precision-engineered tiles that snap into place with the elegance of a ballet dancer’s pirouette.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill tiling job. This is Ray Tiling, where every tile is a testament to innovation, stability, and sheer beauty.

“A Stroll on Stability”

But let’s focus on the main point. What is the problem with traditional tiles? They crack. They collect dirt. They’re about as level as a seesaw at a kids’ playground. And fixing them? A saga of dust, noise, and a hole in your wallet.

You deserve better. You deserve tiles that put those troubles to rest permanently.

Enter Ray Tiling. We don’t just lay tiles. We lay down the law of luxury.

With Nurajack’s self-leveling heads, your tiles are as level as the horizon on a clear summer’s day – every single time.

And they can take the weight – up to a whopping 1,000 kg! That’s the might of a grand piano resting on tiles that won’t flinch.

The Echo of Quality

Quality isn’t just a word we throw around like confetti. It’s the core of our business. With a patented European design, Nurajack is the Rolls-Royce under your feet – silent, powerful, and exquisitely reliable.

And with a 20-year system guarantee, it’s a legacy of comfort you’re stepping into.

Elegance in Adaptability

And the beauty doesn’t end with sheer strength. With Ray Tiling, the aesthetic of your space flows as seamlessly outdoors as it does within.

We blend nature and comfort, creating a style that speaks elegance at every step.

What Sets Our Jack Tiling Apart?

  • Change Without the Chains

    We live in a world that’s constantly evolving, and your space should be no exception. With Ray Tiling, change isn’t a headache; it’s a choice. The unique Nurajack system offers a ‘floating’ floor, meaning your tiles sit unbound, free to be adjusted, replaced, or inspected at your whim. They’re a liberty, not a liability.

  • Moisture? Not on Our Watch

    Traditional tiles trap water like a dam, leaving your floors damp and your spirit damper. But why settle for a breeding ground for mold when you can have a self-draining masterpiece under your feet? Nurajack’s ingenious design lets water flow freely, keeping your floors dry and your mind at ease.

  • The Sound of Silence

    Walk into a room tiled with Ray Tiling, and you’ll hear… nothing. No echoes of footsteps, no clattering echoes — just the sweet sound of silence. Thanks to our bi-component tile heads, your steps are as soft on the ears as they are on the soul.

  • A Guarantee as Solid as Our Tiles

    With Ray Tiling, your peace of mind is set in stone, or, should we say, tile. Our 20-year system guarantee is more than just a promise; it’s a hand-held oath that we stand by every square inch we install.

Let’s Level Up Your Outdoor Area

 Think of a patio that’s not just a patio, but a stylish, comfy spot.
Ray Tiling and Nurajack make your outside area really shine. With self-leveling heads, each step is a level-up to a life of luxury.